Marmite & cheese beer bread bites

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Marmite & cheese beer bread bites

The original plain recipe for this bread was handwritten in our tattered Great Barrier family recipe book. Mum had written above it, underlined twice: ‘Easy one bowl no mess operation!’.

If that’s not enough to convince you you need to make these, then the cheesy, salty, Marmitey goodness and soft, steaming bread will be. You can make this in one loaf tin if you like – just increase the cooking time to 35-40 minutes. These are best eaten hot straight out of the oven with lots of butter. Of course, you may prefer Vegemite to Marmite, and that’s a discussion I won’t get into right now…


3 cups self raising flour (or 3 cups plain flour with 3 teaspoons baking powder)
Big pinch salt
1 tbsp sugar
1 x 330ml bottle of beer
50g butter, melted
1 cup grated cheese
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese (or use extra cheddar)
Marmite, for swirling


Preheat oven to 180c conventional bake and grease a muffin tin (you can line with baking paper too if you like).

Sift all dry ingredients together in a large bowl and mix well. Add the beer, melted butter and half the cheese, and stir to combine. The mixture should be wet and sticky – if it looks a little dry, swill out the beer bottle with a bit of water and add that in. Spoon in to muffin tins so they are about 3/4 full.

Dip a knife or spoon in the Marmite, plunge it into the centre of the bread and twirl around so it smudges into the dough. Top with remaining grated cheese.

Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes until golden and crunchy on top and cooked through.

Serve immediately with butter. Once cold, a little zap in the microwave before serving is a great idea.

  1. Paula Reply
    Hi Chelsea - these sound awesome! Can you please just confirm the beer bottle size - is it a regular 330ml bottle? Thanks!
  2. paula scott Reply
    i made these this morning,and my whole family loved them,and they were so easy,am going to try with vegemite tommorrow,i seem to have a vegemite house hold,thanks chelsea
  3. Elisabeth Reply
    Any particular type of beer better than others for a bread recipe?
    • Chelsea Winter Reply
      You can use pretty much whatever beer you like the flavour of best!
  4. Louise Perry Reply
    So easy and made a delicious Sunday lunch with soup. Thanks Chelsea.
    • Chelsea Winter Reply
      Glad you enjoyed it Luise, thanks for the feedback!
  5. Rochelle Miskelly Reply
    Made this yesterday as a loaf for a family brunch. A HUGE HIT! Super tasty and so quick and easy, will definitely be making again!
    • Chelsea Winter Reply
      It sure is easy huh! Love hearing your feedback :)
  6. Lurlene Reply
    Made these for 1/2 time at the Rugby last weekend Went down a real treat. Got to make them again soon.
  7. Trish Spooner Reply
    What size muffin tin? I have Texas size ie 6??!!
    • Chelsea Winter Reply
      That'll work, they will just be bigger! Add another 5-10 mins to the cooking time and cut them in half when you serve. Yum!
  8. Ruth Reply
    Fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe with us Chelsea. I made these today for our family and they were divine! Had to pack some for the kids lunch boxes tomorrow before we ate them all. So easy to make. Brilliant!
  9. Wendy Reply
    Just made these on a relaxing Saturday arvo. They are delicious, and all gone! Such a quick and easy recipe. Will try the loaf next time. Keep the great recipes coming Chelsea!!
  10. Bernadette Reply
    Okay, so I'm like the BIGGEST Marmite/Vegemite feen and when I saw these I was so excited to make them. They were incredibly easy to make and so SO sooooo good! So happy I found this recipe...thanks Chelsea...they're a winner!
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  12. Sarah Reply
    Hi Chelsea, just wondering if the recipe would be any good without the beer? as these would be great snacks for my little on because he LOVES marmite!
    • Chelsea Winter Reply
      Hi Sarah, you can use soda water instead if you like!
  13. melanie Reply
    WOW! I made these to freeze for lunch boxes through the term, now need to make another batch because the first lot went like hotcakes. I used vegemite that I heated slightly to stir though and they where delicious.
  14. Alissa Reply
    Hi Chelsea, this is the first thing of yours I have cooked. I don't bake but thought this looked easy enough for me to manage. I did manage - they were awesome and sooo easy. Family ate them in 3 seconds. Do you think the marmite could be substituted for ham or something or did you pick marmite because of the yeasty taste of the beer? thanks
  15. Alissa Reply
    Hi again forgot to say I didn't use paper cups like in your photo just sprayed one of those rubber muffin trays and the outside of the bread was all crispy and golden which was just an added dimension of loveliness
  16. Brenda Smith Reply
    Hi, these look fab, I'm going to try them with Vegemite, because that is whats in the fridge. Can I use normal colby or edam cheese?
  17. debbie Reply
    i am going to use lemonade instead of beer for the kids sounds so yummi
  18. Bev Scorringe Reply
    I see this recipe has 2 tablespoons of sugar and the bread recipe in your book only has 2 tsp. Would these work with only 2 tsp?
  19. Erin Reply
    I know this is a silly question but I'll ask it anyway - does the alcohol burn off and make these suitable for children?? :)
    • Chelsea Winter Reply
      Yes it does, but you can use soda water or ginger ale if you prefer :)
  20. Jackie Mailer Reply
    Hi, looking forward to giving these a go. I presume the grated cheese is any normal cheese added into the mixture and the mozzarella is additional.
  21. Meg Reply
    Hi Chelsea, looks yum!! Can I just confirm, is the 3/4 cup of cheese just for the part at the end where you pop some in each/sprinkle on the top? Or do you add the 3/4 cup to the mixture and use extra cheese at the end?
  22. Pruecantwell Cantwell Reply
    Made these tonight to eat with Leek soup...beautiful
  23. Rebecca Reply
    Hi Chlesea, these look like a perfect addition for my daughters birthday party (I wanted a savory alternative to a cupcake because there will be birthday cake). I want to make about 30 cupcake size, would you recommend tripling the recipie?
  24. Melanie Reply
    Made these tonight to have with vege soup. Delicious, quick & easy! Will definitely make again. Thanks!
  25. Lauren Reply
    Love this recipe!! It's so delicious and easy to make.
  26. Kate Robinson Reply
    I have my second run (at my husband's request!) of these tasty bites of 'deliciousness' in my oven as I type this! What a great recipe. Great for kids' lunch boxes. Good alternative to scones. Hope you don't mind Chelsea, but I experimented a bit and to my second batch added 1tsp mustard powder. Might try basil pesto next time too - mixed into the melted butter. Then I swirled marmite into the big bowl before spooning into the tin. See how we go! Love your recipes. Love your web site. Thank you.
  27. Kate Robinson Reply
    I have my second run (at my husband's request!) of these tasty bites of 'deliciousness' in my oven as I type this! What a great recipe. Hope you don't mind Chelsea, but I experimented a bit and to my second batch added 1tsp mustard powder. Might try basil pesto next time too. This time I swirled marmite into the big bowl before spooning into the tin. See how we go! Love your recipes. Love your web site. Thank you.
  28. Lisa Reply
    Hi Chelsea Would I use the same amount of gluten free flour to make these gf? Also do you have a brand that you can recommend?
    • Chelsea Winter Reply
      Yep! I just use whatever is at the supermarket - a flour mix.
  29. Emma Latimer Reply
    Hi Chelsea, I will make these this week :) if I don't eat them all(!) can I freeze them?
    • Chelsea Winter Reply
      They don't have much butter in them so don't freeze all that well - just make sure you warm them up first and spread on lots of butter if you do.
  30. Rel Squire Reply
    Hi Chelsea, thanks for sharing this. Can I use gluten free self raising flour or a gluten free baking mix?
  31. Daniel Reply
    Hi Chelsea, I don't do much cooking but this these one of my most favorite things to cook. So tasty!! Great recipe!!
  32. Annette Reply
    Used to make beer bread a lot ages ago. We would add half a packet of soup powder, like onion, to it. As well as the cheese of course.

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