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I thought I’d share some of the feedback I’ve had from home cooks everywhere who have tried my recipes. What can I say except my fans are an awesome bunch of people!

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  • "My husband saw your cookbook tonight as he came in, picked it up and flicked through 'Woah... Yum... Did you see the lamb shanks? I'm gonna make those. Oh YUM aioli and prawn pizza. Where's her roast pork...WOAH! I'm gonna make so much outta here hunny. Now THIS is a cookbook, none of that fancy shmancy crap!'"
    Kelly Edwards,
  • I absolutely LOVE your recipes and your book - one of the easiest cookbooks to navigate through with a mouthwatering layout. I won your book through a competition at work, and am slowly making my way through it as per instruction from my partner who so far has loved every single recipe (which is saying something because he is VERY fussy!); after bringing a big pot of your Chicken Cacciatore to a family dinner, everyone in our clan now owns a copy of your book. So thank you for the recipes, the great ideas, and for being extremely interactive with your fans online. I absolutely adore the extra recipes you put up for us. Keep it up!

    Rachael Jayne,
  • With insanely busy of lifestyles these days, cooking together & sharing food offers us the opportunity to connect as a family, which is a really important part of our day, being a busy Mum of 3 littlies, I'm budget conscious & often strapped for time. We were lucky enough to win a copy of Chelsea's fabulous cook book & I can honestly say, since it arrived in the post, it hasn't left the cookbook stand on the bench top! We love the simplicity of the recipes & the ingredients are often on hand - bonus! We've tried so many recipes in the past that have been full of promise but totally under deliver, Chelsea's recipes deliver every time - full of flavour, delicious food! And... we love the recipes that Chelsea so generously shares on her website/Facebook page. Thank you, thank you, thank you Chelsea, you're a real gem!
    Helen Black,
  • I love food and love cooking, I have hundreds of recipes and cookbooks but none I have used as much as Chelsea's. It was a birthday gift in May and I have referred to it once or twice a week ever since. There is something for every occasion and I know many of the meals are already firm family favourites!
    Michelle Bathhurst,
  • I absolutely loved your nana's chocolate caramel slice. By far the easiest yummiest and most successful recipe I have used for this slice. Also found the lemon and lime tarts amazing. Beautiful crisp pastry and the tart filling was so easy to make - foolproof! Your cookbook is beautiful to look through and so easy to read. Thank you!
    Emma Eagle,
  • I have tried quite a few of the recipes you post online. I have yet to be disappointed! As now being on a pension, makes it harder to purchase new books, for me it is so nice to be able to try new stuff still. Thank you for making it possible.
    Jane Motu,
  • Chelsea taught me that amazing tasting food doesn't necessarily mean long scary recipes. I love cooking up a storm, and now I'm being braver and bolder with Chelsea's recipes from the heart. Thanks heaps!
    Rebecca Torrey,
  • Once you start cooking or baking using a Chelsea recipe you get hooked and suddenly every day you are eating something you made using one of her recipes, either from the book or her blog. Every time a new recipe is posted I'm in a rush to re-organise our meals to squeeze in a new recipe. They are easy, tasty, present beautifully, use ingredients you have in your house and totally addictive!
    Lorren Kilgour,
  • I would like to thank Chelsea for finally putting out a cook book that is easy for my husband to follow - he could only boil water prior to me giving him the cook book - Now that he is retired and at home most of the day he can try out any of the lovely meals that Chelsea has put together - Thank you so much for this Chelsea and my husband and I both look forward to the second book, which we will pass on to each of our daughters . Love all your hard work.
    Sandra Gamble,
  • I have never used a cook book more - in fact mine is already looking quite tattered! The best ever chicken pie recipe, mushroom sauce recipe, pizza bases, melting moments, mousse - just a few I have made and to my great surprise and families delight - all have been HUGE successes!! I just love this book, everything tastes so good and even looks like it should when I make it. Brilliant! Thanks so much Chelsea Winter for bringing out the domestic goddess in me!
    Teresa Cook,
  • I have been following you on Facebook for a while now and check out your page regularly. My husband and I live in our motor home and travel throughout NZ, working and house sitting so I have limited space for cook books though I have been a serious addict for years. Thank goodness for technology as I can access your site instead from my laptop. I love to cook and bake and yesterday I made your Chocolate Chip Biscuits and they are amazing! I'm always on the lookout for new things to try so as soon as I see something you put up I usually give it a go. So while I know you can't give away everything, thanks for sharing some of your great ideas. Love them! Keep it up Chelsea - I'm a fan!
    Sandi MacMillan,
  • My husband commented the other night, after I had served up yet another Chelsea Winter recipe, that I used to 'cook' for visitors and not for us during the week! I am constantly inspired by your featured recipes AND from those in your cookbook. I am actually enjoying putting the time & effort into cooking - not just for visitors but for us too! Thanks from your BIGGEST Wellington fan xoxo.
    Robyn Nunan, Wellington, NZ
  • I got your book for my birthday and love it. What I like most is that all the ingredients I pretty much have and is simple and easy to follow. So far everything i have made is fab, I try and pick a new recipe to make each week. Look forward to more recipes :)
    Katrina Fovakis,
  • I love trying out your recipes as they are so easy to follow with simple ingredients and the end result which looks amazing, and my family are loving. I m also loving your Facebook page and love that you answer all the questions personally. Brilliant! You are definitely the peoples cook/chef!
    Val Wilson,
  • The Roast Chicken Breast with herb sauce was simply the best. I have never in my life cooked anything so yummy, it was like something you could buy rather then my attempts at home cooking. Thanks Chelsea for the no fuss fabulous recipes!
    Penny Kirk,
  • I never buy cookbooks because you can get a lot of really good recipes online, but after 'liking' your Facebook page and seeing how you interact with everybody on your page, I went out and got it! Now I look at it more then The Edmond's Cookbook - which I originally thought was the only book I needed! I love your book and I love your Facebook page and I also love you a little bit too!
    Christina Forrest,
  • Chelsea I'm not a fan of cookery shows but when I tuned into the show that you were on I was glued and became an immediate fan. I'm currently travelling but when I head back to New Zealand your cookbook is on my Christmas pressie list - it will be my perfect gift. You are an inspiration to everyone, a real genuine person with a passion and a gift for cooking - keep on inspiring us!!!
    Cheryl Stone,
  • I have not bought your cookbook yet but I fully intend too. I have also been a serial cookbook buyer and although I do use them I now tend to look at the internet a lot more than i used to. I love looking at my Facebook and seeing another recipe from you, it seems nearly every day and reading the little blurb that goes with it. It does make you feel as if you are really a friend rather than a food celebrity. I have probably printed off 95% of them and would have tried most of them, so quite a few. All the recipes have been a success so far so I am very impressed. I love the simplicity of the recipes with ingredients that are not too expensive but look and taste great. I now can't resist buying your recipe book but keep the fabulous recipes going on Facebook!
    Trish Sweetman,
  • I brought your book a couple of months back and actually almost need to but another it has been so loved and lent to friends etc. I love the way you are always adding new recipes to website and don't forget the humble home cook! So needless to say I have become a huge Chelsea fan. My friends and I are actually planning a Chelsea night where we bring a favourite dish each and have a combined meal (and drinkies of course!) I also like it how you endeavour to reply to all photos and comments/questions that people have which shows real commitment to the community and your fans!!
    Jenny MacLean,
  • I came across your website while searching for a recipe for pork belly (that I had bought, but never cooked before) your recipe looked fantastic and also simple! It has now become a family favourite! I have since started to follow you on Facebook and have made several more recipes. Your book is on my Xmas wishlist! Keep up the good work, Chris.
    Christina Smith,
  • Inspired by your recipe last week, Lamb Rack with Rosti and pistou, well made it last weekend and it was sooo tasty, so agree those rosti were to die for and so so simple, actually had the left over rosti for brekkie. My husband said "you can make those again" - thank you so much, will be buying your recipe book, soon as I get to the book store, you rock.
    Frances Webster-Taylor,
  • I have hundreds of cookbooks that I have bought over the years but there are only a few of them that I actually cook from regularly, and yours is one of them. For me your food not only looks great but they are recipes you want to cook. It's honest food, food we eat all the time but you change them slightly to make them even tastier. When I buy a book I take it to bed and treat it like a novel. I read each recipe and put sticky notes on the recipes I want to cook. I gave up doing this half way through your book as there were sticky notes on every page! I have recommended your book to a lot of my friends. Looking forward to the next one.
    Katrina Hutchinson, Australia
  • I have spent my life (38 years!) trying out different recipes only to be disappointed when they have not turned out like the picture. A friend gave me your book two months ago and I have tried 15 of your recipes and they have come out exactly as they were meant to. I am so happy with the results. Your Guinness and Steak Pie is a winner. Out of so many chefs you make it realistic. I can't wait for your next book!! You are brilliant keep up the great work.
    Kylie Jamieson, Golden Bay, Collingwood
  • I am a recent purchaser of your book and a foodie myself - and I love that you are a good ol' kiwi girl that loves food, and willing to share your experiences, knowledge and so many recipes for everyone to try. I too love that you follow the comments left on your page and feels like you really are in it for everyone not just yourself, you even shared some holiday snaps with us which I think is just so awesome. Your food has ingredients that you can get at the supermarket (which I love). Wholesome, tasty, home cooked meals that are always a winner. You should be very proud of your book, your website and your attitude in general. One day I will cook from your book with my kids and can tell them about the kiwi girl that did it!
    Rebecca Myjer,
  • I love Chelsea Winter's recipes - they are easy and satisfying for the whole family. I have even started up my own recipe book (as in one I write recipes in) just for her delights! None of the dishes I have attempted have failed! Awesome, awesome job - well done Chelsea.
    Beth Stapleton,
  • The chocolate brownies are the easiest and tastiest recipe I have ever come across - Chelsea you're a star! I am currently making 2-3 batches a week so my kids and husband can share them with friends at school/work colleagues. If you warm them up they are great with ice cream - yummy!
    Rachel Loftus-Hughley,
  • I started following you on Facebook, not because of your recipes but actually because your "voice" is so unpretentious and down to earth - now Ive looked at your recipes too and they are the same. I really value this, I cook for my family of 5 (including 3 kids) every night, not something I love to do but if I can find recipes which are a little bit inspirational but achievable this helps my world - heaps!! Its a win-win to find recipes that are totally "doable" AND tasty and delicious.
    Karen Greenslade,
  • I made your Lamb cannelloni the other night and just loved it - easy, scrummy and I will definitely make it again. I have also made the beef ragu and am having a dinner party on Saturday night where some of your recipes and elements of your recipes will feature. Why? The recipes are easy and delicious and appealing. Keep em coming - I'm addicted!
    Lisa Jackson, Invercargill, NZ
  • Chelsea's recipes are not pretentious, contrived or in anyway intimidating. When you look at her recipes you think, 'I can do this' and the recipes turn out just as they should do. Great down to earth food!
    Janette Martin,
  • I bought your book at a fundraiser in Rotorua and I have tried a lot of your recipes out of it. They just don't fail and are absolutely scrummy! I am also trying out new recipes on your website and love them Chelsea, great ingredients which are usually in the pantry and cost effective. I can't stop recommending you to all my friends, you are number one on my list now! Just keep doing what you love, it certainly shows. Can't wait for your next book.
    Carol Tew, Rotorua
  • I have been following Chelsea since MasterChef, then her recipes online and then I got the book. We are slowly eating our way through her book and [recipes] online, I love her recipes, they are so simple yet packed with flavours and sophistication, she is my new favourite without a doubt. Keep up the good work Chelsea:)
    Lisa Scanlan,
  • Chelsea is not just an amazing chef - she is someone with a beautiful heart for others and she has an AMAZING knack for stunning flavours and fail-proof recipes. My family always knows it's going to be a good dinner if I say it is going to be a 'Chelsea-meal' - I don't even have to tell them what the meal is, as they just know it's going to be super delicious. Chelsea's recipes are also really easy to follow which makes the dinner-making process so much easier. I'm always telling people they need to buy Chelsea's book (or get the Meat magazine from the supermarket ) as the recipes are truly that good!!
    Sherryl-Lee Ward,
  • In the past I have been a 'serial cookbook purchaser' and bought cookbooks which I have never used, so for that reason, I did not purchase your book initially. I started following you on Facebook and the combination of your amazing looking recipes, simple, everyday ingredients and even though the photos looked incredible, they looked like the everyday cook could produce those same results. I also thought they way you took the time to comment on so many people's posts was awesome, and very thoughtful and kind. Often these pages seem so impersonal and just a marketing tool but your page seems genuine about sharing your love of good food. So of course I purchased your book and have already made 3 things with 2 more being on the menu this week. Thank you!
    Natalie Robinson,
  • I made Chelsea's L&P chocolate mousse and it was delicious! I never thought I would be able to make something that looked so gourmet, but her recipe was easy! I will be buying the cookbook too.
    Katrina Jensen,
  • After buying the cookbook I proceeded to cook up a Chelsea storm! 9 of her recipes in as many days and not one flop. Every recipe I have tried is easy to follow, uses familiar ingredients, is no-fuss, tastes incredible and one of my favourite things. The serving amount is generous and realistic - none of this 'serves 4' and actually only serves one malarkey! Thanks for an incredible book Chelsea, I won't be hesitating to buy your next one.
    Rosie Goldsmith,
  • I cannot believe the change your cookbook has made. I hated cooking, it was the mundane thing to do and a chore! I hated having to decide what to have for dinner, now I am inspired. I love searching through your cookbook and deciding what to create. Your recipes have everyday ingredients and the majority were already staples in my pantry. The family are enjoying the different meals we have and I now enjoy cooking - thank you :)
    Jackie Thompson,
  • The pork belly is the best and sooo easy! You are always so humble and friendly, even to the point of sharing wedding & holiday photos with everyone. Go Chelsea!!
    Lorene Harris,
  • Well Chelsea, I never followed MasterChef until you did it, I don't try recipes but I do yours, because they are 'doable' if you know what I mean. I'm no cook but your recipes and chatter on Facebook gives me a bit of confidence to try some of your recipes and they even turn out OK!!! Finally a recipe book that you don't have to be afraid of turning the page because the recipe's are doable! Phew! Thanks Chelsea.
    Kat Hall,
  • I never realised how much fun or easy it was to cook amazing meals until I got my oven mitts on Chelsea's cookbook. Finally I can, for example, confidently serve up a beautiful roast that, on the first perfectly cooked cut, gets everyone around the table making impressed and hungry noises that I'd never heard before until now. Thank you Chelsea for your cookbook and your amazing site - and for all the simple, inspiring and quick to prepare recipes up my sleeve that make me proud to serve up to everyone (even fusspots!)
    Andrea Glidden,
  • Chelsea's recipes are always a go to when my husband and I are choosing what to have for dinner or dessert, or even what to take to a potluck. They have ALWAYS turned out delicious and people always rave about our mad skills. We aren't shy about letting them in on our secret - it's Chelsea!
    Claire Cotton, Stanley Bay, Auckland
  • I've made Chelsea's Pork Belly absolutely delicious. The Marmite and cheese bites they only made lunch at our house and the boys were looking for more. And as for her crispy roast potatoes they are to die for would never do roast potatoes any other way again.
    Belinda Isbister,
  • I struggle to find meals to make that all 3 kids and my very fussy hubby will eat without complaints...then I made Chelsea's Creamy Chicken and Vegetable pie....wow!! The only problem was the fight over who got the last slice!! I am so looking forward to trying the other recipes in Chelsea's book.
    Debbie Bailey,
  • Chelsea's recipes are so delicious and not difficult to do yourself. My favourite is spaghetti bolognese with ciabatta crumb - so good and the crumb really does make all the difference. Chelsea's amazing! Bring on the next recipe book.
    Jess Lizra,
  • I have made the raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake. This is simply divine and delicious. Have made it 3 times as a special dessert for family gatherings. Thankyou so mucy for sharing your recipes with us Chelsea. From simple easy to follow recipes you give us mouthwatering delicious and amazing food! THANKYOU from all my family.
    Kat Parlane,
  • I love your recipe book; I have many but yours is fast becoming my favourite – every recipe turns out perfectly. Thank you.
  • I would recommend every home cook should own a copy of ‘At My Table’.  These recipes are REAL food, soul food, not super fussy, immensely complicated recipes that could only ever be replicated by a top chef, but food that every home cook can reproduce to wow their friends and family, and provide balanced, affordable and delicious food for everyone.  This is quite honestly my favourite cookbook, the best one I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning – make sure you try it yourself, I can promise you, you’ll not be disappointed.
    Ceara Prout,
  • So tonight I made your mushroom sauce to go with our steak – OMG!!!!!! So divine!! What an awesome recipe Chelsea! I will DEFINITELY make that again! So delicious!! Thanks for another great crowd pleaser!!
  • Just wanted to say a big thank you for your wonderful book!  Your recipes are the only ones I can say I trust completely to turn out perfect every time!!   I have even got my “non cooking” husband into using them!  Everything is so full of flavour and with 3 young kids who also love all my meals I cook using your recipes, you are certainly a big hit in our house! I just cant get enough of your recipes to be honest. I hope you will bring out another book.
  • Highly highly highly recommend. I nearly didn’t get it, but it is worth every single cent. I think it’s the best cookbook I own.”